A few people asked if I would show how we made our caterpillar book. No problem, because the whole reason I started trying to figure it all out, was so that I could keep a little inspiration book in my purse.
I made mine out of a paper bag, because I knew I was going to paint it and the brown paper holds paint well.  Any kind of paper can be used–scrapbook paper, text weight paper, cardstock…
1.  Cut paper into 4 x 4 inch sheets. The end booklet will be 2 x 2 inches.  Any size will work, as long as it is square and all sheets are the same size.  You can make the booklet any number of sheets. I will show how to put 2 together,  but my end result is 5 sheets long.
2. Fold each sheet in half both ways and in half diagonally. Pull diagonal fold inward as seen in photo. Repeat with all sheets.
3. Glue sheets together, with glue stick, so that one sheet folds inward and the other outward.  Continue adding more sheets if desired.
4.Fold booklet closed, carefully creasing each fold with your nail or bone folder.
5. Open and decorate whatever way you see fit.
Here are some other ideas in case painting isn’t your thing:
* Make one to tell a story. Write your birthing story, engagement, or something totally made up.
* Make a mini photo album. This would be a great gift for the grandparents.
* Make a birthday or anniversary card.
* Keep it blank and make lists and/or doodles.
* Make it inspirational.  Add photos, quotes, images from magazines

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